Bent Elbow Rowdys

Silverton is a slice of heaven during each season of the year. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, skier, history buff, four-wheel drive explorer, lover of Victorian architecture, mountain and wildflower aficionado, mining enthusiast, or just a traveler... Silverton has much to offer. So, stay for a few days, a week, or maybe longer.

Remember, you can stay in Silverton and ride the train to Durango and return to Silverton via bus.

Silverton is an incredible wedding destination, combining a spectacular mountain setting in any season, affordable accommodations for all your guests, a full compliment of facilities, services, music and catering. The Bent Elbow offers it all under one roof!

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Winter Activities

If cross country skiing is your passion, there is no better place to partake of this sport than right here in Silverton. Our guests step into their skis at our front door and decide whether to tour the town or head out into the local countryside. Either way, they experience winter at its very best.

Sledding, ice skating, ice climbing, dog sledding, downhill skiing, snowmobiling; virtually every outdoor activity is readily available to those seeking the ultimate in winter recreation.